Softex Business Academy

26 Feb 2015, 21:59

Tips for Delivering a Super Effective presentations


The below tips are not invented by Softex, the below tips and tricks were collected from Several different resources, which Softex Specialists studied in order to create the perfect presentations for their Audiences.

Simply this is the guidebook for preparing, creating and presenting your next presentation to the crowd. Enjoy it 

- If you are presenting in English stand on the left of the presentation, Audience will start with you and then move to read the text and their eyes will come back to you at the end of each line. If your Presentation is in Arabic, just make sure to Stand on the right of the presentation so people will start with you, read the point and come back to you.

- Slides are not equal to the presenter, Slides should not say everything you say , Do not Read the slide, present the ideas bullets on screen. Screen should not contain much text anyways.

- Always start your Section (Idea) with a hook, a Hook is usually an image, leave the image on screen for people to see for 10 - 15 seconds then speak, your words should use the mindset created by the hook (usually the image or the opening statement"

- Humor is good for learning, injecting humor into critical ideas make them stick into the listener minds. If you do not know how to tell a joke , use a funny picture.

- Average attention span for human beings is around 18 Minutes, You must have a full break through the material every 15 minutes. Breaks do not mean going out for a coffee, every 15 minutes you need to close a section , engage with the audience with a change of state (Ask them a mind challenging question or ask them about their opinion enabling discussions, etc. Most Recent studies show that average human attention span has decreased to 4 minutes in the past few years as a result for Facebook, Twitter and other social network. So The most important thing is not to speak within the same section for over 10 minutes at all costs.

- Changing slides enforce the attention retention of your audience, this means you should not stay on the same slide for over 60-90 seconds. otherwise you risk the audience to look away with his eyes or his mind.

- As mentioned above you should keep the audience engages, so at least every 15 minutes you should Ask a question , Take a poll , Accept questions, build up discussion about interesting topic.

- Use colors in your presentation , When you use the proper colors, your brain willingness to read increase by 80%. Colors improve memory efficiency and makes the sentences easier to get remembered , so using colors makes learning more effective. Colored text also increases Audience concentration retention by 75% , so Colors are useful.

- 100% of your audience will appreciate if you end your presentation on time. Do not extend the presentation time.

- Get to the point ASAP , your introduction part should not exceed 10% of the overall presentation time.

- Use images, images and Images, one image is worth a thousand words. This is true in presentations

Happy Presentations.